Hometastic HK

Wallaboo Baby blanket Coco Dragon blue




‧貼合身體剪裁  模仿在媽媽子宮內的感覺,增加安全感,寶寶睡得更好更久。



‧上下雙鏈設計  輕鬆更換尿片,不易吵醒寶寶

100%彈性、柔軟純棉  有助調節寶寶體溫



Designed in Netherland

Designed to create a woomb like feeling that makes it easier for baby to fall into sleep and stay sleeping

Easy transition from swaddling to sleepbag.

Durable two-way zipper. Allows for easy diaper changes at night.

100% stretchy and soft cotton. Helps to regulate

babys temperature.

Can use for strollers, swings and car seats.

Adorable animal characters.