aguard 自由組合安全門欄


aguard 自由組合安全門欄

• 多角度安裝 可組合成不用形狀
• 適用於各種空間
• 內附強力膠貼固定於牆身及地面 無需鑽牆
• 雙鎖開關
Size : 1810 X 740 mm
產地: 中國
材質 : 鋼
適用年齡 : 3歲以上

Aguard Flex folding safety gate

Installed freely by adjusting the angle with horizontal size
Strong adhesive tape secures the wall and floor securely without scratches
Double opening and closing that cannot be easily opened
Size : 1810 X 740 mm
Made in China
Material : Steel
Age of use : Over 3 years